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Brtníky is an oblong but not large village situated in the valley of the Brtnický potok (Brtníky Brook) on the northern edge of the Národní park České Švýcarsko (Bohemian Switzerland National Park) near the towns of Rumburk and Krásná Lípa. According to the administrative structuring, Brtníky belongs to the village of Staré Křečany, which is five kilometres away. Both reside in the County of Děčín in the Ústecký Region. It lies 415-430m above sea level. There are 261 permanently registered inhabitants in the village. Next to the permanently inhabited residences, there are also a lot of holiday cottages and houses, therefore the population of the village increases many times in the summer.

In Brtníky and the adjacent village of Kopec, lots of examples of folk architecture can be found, such as preserved cottages in the original or slightly changed design typical for the area. There are timber-work houses with beddings, with an original slate hanging and with so called Lusatian gables (house gables covered with slate-boards arranged in different shapes). Moreover, there are a few frame houses.

Other examples of historical monuments are the restored Calvary and the re-built Chapel of Holy Trinity with the Chapel of the Holy Sepulchre on Cross Hill. Apart from that, other sacral monuments have, at present, either been taken down or been restored such as devotional pillars, little memorials and crosses. The oldest surviving monuments are a peace-offering cross from the year 1642 and a plague column from 1682.

Brtníky is situated on the boundary of three different land units of the Bohemian Switzerland, specifically, the Labské pískovce (Elbe Sandstones), the Lužické hory (Luž Mountains) and the Šluknovská pahorkatina (Šluknov Hilly Land). Each of these land units has different landscape features, so they offer a great variety of opportunities for hiking, biking and other recreational activities. The village of Brtníky is the starting point of marked paths and routes for tourists leading into the NP České Švýcarsko (Bohemian Switzerland National Park) and the NP Saské Švýcarsko (Saxon Switzerland National Park), as well as to the area of Šluknovský výběžek (Šluknov Hook).

In the village, there is a grocer and a restaurant. It is possible to use a train connection via Rumburk (only on weekends) or a bus connection via Rumburk and Krásná Lípa (only Mo-Fr). There is also a straight bus connection with Děčín.