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Tips for trips

The Brtnický hrádek (Little Brtníky Guardcastle), Kyjovské údolí (Kyjov Valley), údolí Brtnického potoka (Brtníky Brook Valley) (13 km). Go along the green-marked path from Brtníky through Šternberk (a former hunting-lodge) and pass Soví vyhlídka (Howl View Point). It is possible to turn left just after Soví vyhlídka and go along a non-marked steep path leading to Soví jeskyně (Howl Cave). Then follow the green mark, pass the turnings via Velký pruský tábor (Great Prussian Camp)-a rock cornice-and via Brtnický hrádek (Little Brtníky Guardcastle)-one of the typical little rock castles in this area. Keep following the green mark up to the crossroads called Turistický most (Tourist Bridge) in the Kyjovské údolí (Kyjov Valley). At this point turn right and take the red-marked path along the Křinice River in the Kyjovské údolí (Kyjov Valley). After a two-kilometre walk through the rocky valley with the small river you get to the tourist crossroads called Brtnický most (Brtníky Bridge). Turn right there and take the blue-marked path which leads you along the Brtnický potok (Brtníky Brook) up to the village of Kopec (in the summer season you can get some refreshment at U Vyskočilů pub). Then follow the blue mark back to Brtníky.

The Calvary Way on Křížový vrch (Cross Hill), a look-out tower on Vlčí hora (Wolf Mountain), Kyjov, the Kyjovský hrádek (Little Kyjov Guardcastle), the Kyjovské údolí (Kyjov Valley), the údolí Vlčího potoka (Wolf Brook Valley) (15 km)
. Take the red-marked path from Brtníky across Křížový vrch (Cross Hill) (see the restored Calvary, the Chapel of Holy Trinity and Little Chapel of the Holy Sepulchre) up to the crossroads near Vlčí hora (Wolf Mountain). The red-marked path turns right here. You go straight on and following the yellow mark climb up to the top of Vlčí hora (Wolf Mountain) (580 m above sea level) with a look-out tower. Then keep following the yellow mark and climb down the hill (it is possible to turn via very nice Verunčina studánka-Verunka´s Spring). The yellow mark meets the red one under the hill again. At this point it is possible to turn and take the yellow marked path leading to a local interesting thing to see a geological map in the village of Zahrady. It is a plastic map of the terrain in this area made-up using authentic kinds of minerals. Visitors can also get an experts explanation and commentary on the map. It is possible to see the map in the season from the end of May to the end of September every day from 8 a. m. to 5 p. m. except Friday and Saturday. Then follow the yellow mark back to the crossroads near Vlčí hora (Wolf Mountain) (the way from here to the map and back is 3 km long).

From the crossroads go on along the red-marked path through the village of Vlčí hora (notice the timber houses and the view of the Lužické hory (Lužické Mountains). After you leave the village the red-marked path leads you down into a valley called Dlouhý důl. A local road goes through this valley. At the point where the red mark crosses the road take a turn and go along this non-marked path through a valley with picturesque cottages down to the village of Kyjov (it is possible to get some refreshment here). In Kyjov near a guest-house called Petra on the main road take the yellow-marked path. Following it turn right out of the main road. On this yellow path, there are several different rock view points within two kilometres, and behind the Kyjovský hrádek (Little Kyjov Guardcastle) the path comes down into the Kyjovské údolí (Kyjov Valley). Keep going along the red-marked path through the valley flanked by high rocks and along the Křinice River up to the crossroads called Turistický most (Tourist Bridge. Here turn right and take the green-marked path leading to the Vlčí potok (Wolf Brook) Valley. After a short while the green paths turns left out of the valley and goes sharply up. However, you keep the direction and go on along the non-marked comfortable path through the valley up the Vlčí potok (Wolf Brook (this path is marked with yellow signs as a cycling route No. 3033).This path through the beautiful rocky valley leads you out on the road between Vlčí hora and Brtníky. Turn left and go on for about 1 km straight to Brtníky.

Zadní Doubice, the Hadí pramen (Snake Spring), the Černá brána (Black Gate), Tokáň, Úzké schody (Narrow Stairs), Doubice, the Kyjovské údolí (Kyjov Valley), the Brtnický hrádek (Little Brtníky Guardcastle) (30 km)
. A great hike which goes through quite a large part of the national park including the 1st zone. Start in Brtníky and go along the blue-marked path in the Brtníky Brook valley up to the state border line (until 1945 the village of Zadní Doubice used to lie there). Pass the Czech-German frontier crossing for pedestrians and bikers and keep following the blue mark. On the way you pass Vlčí deska (Wolf Schedule), the memory of the very last wolf that was shot here in 1640. There is a possibility to take a turn on a marked path and go to very nice Hadí pramen (Snake Spring). Follow the blue mark (views of Dravčí skály (Predatory Rocks) up to the údolí Červeného potoka Red Brook valley. There you can take a blue-marked turn to the Černá brána (Black Gate) and the Křinice River (on the border line) and admire wild nature in the centre of the national park. After getting back from the turning keep going along the blue-marked path which leads sharply up to the tourist crossroads called Panenská jedle (Virgin Fir). Follow the blue mark (easy traversing route) up to the settlement of Na Tokání where you can have some refreshment. Behind this settlement turn left to the yellow-marked path which leads you up through a rock corridor called Úzké schody (Narrow Stairs), pass the hunting-box called U Eustacha and keep the way to the village of Doubice (a refreshment place there). In Doubice leave the yellow-marked path walk on the road via Kyjov. After 1 km turn left and take the green-marked path. This leads you through Turistický most (Tourist Bridge Point) and the Brtnický hrádek (Little Brtníky Guardcastle) to Brtníky.

Brtníky, Mikulášovice, Mikulášovice Hinterhermsdorf (a frontier crossing for pedestrians), a look-out tower of Weifberg, the Bílý potok (White Brook) valley, the frontier crossing in Zadní Doubice, the Brtnický potok (Brtníky Brook) valley, Brtníky (7 km by train, 14 km on foot)
. Take a train from Brtníky to Mikulášovice-střed (the second train stop). From the train stop take the blue-marked path into the town centre. In the centre take the yellow-marked path which leads you comfortably up to the state border line where a frontier crossing for pedestrians and bikers is (it is necessary to have a passport with because of a possible check-out. After you cross the border line you have a beautiful view of a hill with quite a tall look-out tower called Weifberg. You can take a marked turning to the tower. The entrance is for free. The look-out tower offers wonderful views of the surroundings, and it is also very interesting for its construction. After you enjoy the beautiful views of the wide surroundings, walk down along the yellow-and-red-marked path, later follow just the yellow one, to the Bílý potok (White Brook) valley (Weissbachtal). The path goes through a splendid rocky valley on the Germen side along the state border line up to the Křinice River. Follow the river down to the tourist crossroads with a red mark. From there the direction arrow shows you the way to the frontier crossing for pedestrians in Zadní Doubice. Cross the border line and on the Czech side turn left and take the blue-marked path leading across the Brtnický most (Brtníky Bridge) crossroads into the valley of the Brtnický potok (Brtníky Brook) through the settlement of Kopec (some refreshment possible in the summer season) up to Brtníky. It is also recommended to travel this route on bikes, however accepting these changes: Ride your bike along the road from Brtníky to Mikulášovice. In the centre of Mikulášovice take a turn and follow the yellow mark (marked also as a bike route No. 3041). After you enjoy the view from Weifbrg, the look-out tower, ride on to the village of Hinterhermsdorf. At the end of the village turn left and follow the direction arrow down along a sloping asphalt road until you get to the frontier crossing in Zadní Doubice. Cross the border line and to get back to Brtníky take one of the marked routes for bikes. (No.3032 or No.3033).

Brtníky, Hrazený Hill (the Šluknov Hilly Land), Ptačí vrch, the Mandava springs (10 km). From Brtníky take the red-marked path in the direction of Šluknov. On the way pass the railway stop and walk up the hill to the crest where from it slightly goes down to the tourist crossroads called Zelený kříž (Green Cross) (a nice restored little cross). Here the green mark starts. Follow it and you get to the top of Hrazený Hill (608 m above sea level). Near the peak there is a marked view point of north-east part of the Šluknovský výběžek (Šluknov Hook). Walk on along the red-marked path down the hill and turn right. The red mark leads you to the tourist crossing called Zelený kříž again. From that point take the green-marked turning on the left. Pass Ptačí vrch (Bird Hill) and go on to the hamlit called Hájenka (a recreational facility centre). There is a beautiful panoramic view of the Lužické hory (Luž Mountains) and a part of České Švýcarsko (Czech Switzerland). There leave the green mark and follow the direction arrow via nice springs of the Mandava River. Near the springs the main European water sheds of the Labe and Odra lie. From the springs walk on along a non-marked path which begins to slope soon and after 1 km leads you straight to Brtníky.

A winter trip to see the icefalls in Brtníky and the Cave of Fairies in the Kyjovské údolí (Kyjov Valley) (the shorter alternate is 9km, the longer one 14 km)
. Start in Brtníky and take the green-marked path to Šternberk. About 1 km after Šternberk, there is a crossroads of five paths called Písečná brána (Sand Gate) in a terrain saddle. There leave the green mark, take the turning on the left and walk down along the only path there. After about 150 m there is a great rock cornice on the right which is decorated by a beautiful ice decoration called Opona (Drape). Get back from Opona up to the green-marked path. Walk on along it, pass the turning to Velký pruský tábor (Great Prussian Camp) (a rock cornice without an ice decoration), and miss also the turning to the Brtnický hrádek (Little Brtníky Guardcastle) (a little rock guardcastle which is difficult to come to in winter). The green-marked path is sloping down into the Vlčí potok (Wolf Brook) valley.
 you can decide whether to take the longer trip and visit the Jeskyně víl (Cave of Fairies) or the shorter one missing the cave. If you decide for the longer way, keep following the green mark up to Turistický most. There turn left and take the red-marked path leading to Kyjovské údolí up the river stream of the Křinice. After 2 km it turns left and there is a direction arrow showing the way to the Jeskyně víl (Cave of Fairies). The direction arrows lead you to the opposite bank into the cave full of stalactite, stalagmite and stalagnite-shaped icicles. Go back the same path and keep walking as on the shorter trip alternate.
In case you decide to miss the Jeskyně víl, in the Vlčí potok (Wolf Brook) valley leave the green mark and turn left. Walk up the Vlčí potok. The path is marked as a cycling route (No. 3033). Pass a little ice decoration called Betlém (Nativity Scene) on the right above the brook. Take the first turning on the right into the valley and walk on for about 100m up to the icefall called Velký sloup (Great Column). Go back to the path (cycling route) in the Vlčí potok valley and keep walking up the Vlčí potok in the splendid rocky valley to the road. Turn left and go on along the road for about 1 km straight to Brtníky.